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who am i

I'm Jason Eaken. I created Bungalow 328 in the summer of 2019. I'd been making films and content for over a decade, but I hadn't taken that next step and made content creation my singular focus.

I left my day-job in July of 2019, and I immediately got to work filming, editing, and creating videos for organizations and companies. 

And I realized something: in today's world, one video, even a great video, just isn't going to make enough noise. There has to be a series of videos, created with purpose, and strategically positioned online, to websites, social media, and through paid ads. 

There are a lot of people who can make amazing videos. What sets me apart is that I pair incredible video content with a commitment to deeply understanding your company, brand, culture and aesthetics. I want to create videos that FEEL like your company, down to the bone.

Ready to Get Started?

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